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Weston KiWi SDRs back in service donations always welcome

Monday April 19 2021 all of the Weston Kiwi SDR’s are back in service.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated already to help put the Weston-super-Mare Kiwi’s back on air, it is really appreciated, and has allowed us to start sorting this problem out.

It has been an extremely busy time, so I have not yet got back to most of you who have been kind enough to support us, but I will email everyone as soon as I can.

Click on the following links to access the currently available Weston Kiwi’s:

Weston kiwi 8073 with top band dipole
Weston kiwi 8074 with top band dipole
Weston kiwi 8075 with top band dipole
Weston kiwi 8076 with 28MHz 7.3m slim-jim vertical
Weston kiwi 8077 with top band dipole
Weston kiwi 8078 with 80m dipole
Weston kiwi 8079 with top band dipole
G8JNJ kiwi 8060 with top band dipole
G3SDH kiwi 8053 with 80m doublet
G3SDH kiwi 8054 with Wellbrook Loop
Please donate if you possibly can so that we can return to full service asap.

It is easy for anyone to send donations via bank transfer, our bank details are:

Bank: NatWest
Name: A Coombs
Account: 81529570
Sort: 60-23-32

It is also easy to use your PayPal account to send a PayPal donation to:

After some major issues at the SDR receiver site, we have had to shut our Kiwi service down.

After 15 years of providing various repeater and SDR services from Bleadon Hill in Weston-super-Mare, we now have a problem which could see the end of our Kiwi SDR service.

The main advantages of our hill top site for our Kiwi SDR’s is the very quite noise floor, the ability to put up many full size HF dipoles, including top-band aerials and the lack of any nearby transmitters, masts, houses or broadband.

Our repeater site and SDR site is located on Bleadon Hill in Weston-super-Mare. The site is 108m ASL and has clear views towards Minehead, Glastonbury, Cardiff, Clevedon and you can clearly see the sugar loaf mountain in Wales.

See photos of the site here

Our massive fields have not had any cattle or sheep in them for many years, so all of our outdoor equipment has been very safe and undisturbed, and most importantly there have been no electric fences to destroy our amazingly quiet background noise level.

Unfortunately all of that has recently changed because the farmer who rents the site fields has just put 120 sheep on site.
This doesn’t sound like a massive problem, but as none of the boundary fences have been maintained over the years, the farmer will need to put up electric fences.

We have a problem near to our equipment cabins and towers because the cables, coax feeders, outdoor pre-amplifiers, filters and other supporting equipment was never installed to survive 120 sheep moving through a small space at the same time.

Contrary to most peoples view of sheep spending their time eating grass and sleeping, they dedicate part of their day to investigating everything on site, trying to eat everything, going to extraordinary lengths to eat ivy, including jumping on top of 4 foot dry stone walls!

It is not that complicated to overcome the current problem. We need to put up some form of fencing around the relatively small area at the top of the site where all of our sensitive equipment is located.

We need to install and maintain the electric fence for the farmer.
Not many people realise that a modern perfectly installed and maintained electric fence will cause no interference to the HF bands at all.

If the farmer fits his old equipment we are in big trouble as we have no control over what type he is using or how it is fitted. Farmers do not know or care about what problems an electric fence is going to cause to the HF bands.

We have already had a major problem where the sheep have pushed themselves into small gaps around the radio cabins and pulled out cables and feeders that were thought to be secure enough, but not sheep proof it transpired.

These cables being pulled out led to a chain reaction of unforeseen circumstances which resulted in us losing our main 5v supply which has fed all of our Kiwi SDR’s for the last year.

We are trying raise funds asap to overcome the current issues.

Please donate if you possibly can.

We have already used our own money to buy a modern electric fence unit as well as the wide tape style fencing.
We would like to recoup some of that expense so that we can buy other things for the radio site.

Over the last week we have run the electric fence directly under the top-band dipole and there are no signs of any interference at all.
This is obviously very good news, as in reality the electric fence will be located some distance away from our HF dipoles.

We are not trying to make any money or profit, we simply want as many people as possible to join in and contribute towards more electric fence equipment, such as the correct insulators, tensioners and posts.

We also need to buy a new large linear 5v power supply.

It gives all of the team a lot of pleasure seeing so many people using the SDR’s, so long may it continue.

It is as easy as using your PayPal account and sending PayPal donations to:

It should be noted that once you have hit the donate button you can pay using your bank card, and you do not need to have a PayPal account.
If you have a PayPal account however, it is very easy to select the ‘friends and family’ option which means that we don’t have to pay any PayPal fees at all, so well worth taking that option.

It is also easy for anyone to send donations via bank transfer, our bank details are:

Bank: NatWest
Name: A Coombs
Account: 81529570
Sort: 60-23-32

You may also send a cheque or cash to our address:

Graham Buck
1 Hobart Road
North Somerset
BS23 4QQ

If some other people can be encouraged to donate, then we will have the Kiwi SDR’s back in service even quicker

Please feel free to forward this page URL to keep people informed.

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